Executive Board

President                      Lori Seeman


Vice-President             Mary Kemock

2nd Vice-President                Michael Farrell

Treasurer                      Sharon Murphy


Secretary                      Teresa Buck


Registrar                       Shannon Dayringer

Patrick Short  NAFC Syllabus Coordinator  email
  For Feiseanna having problems with getting their syllabus approved.

Board of Directors

Jeri Hagan, Chairman of the Board

Ed Hansberry, Vice Chairman

Thomas Blake

James Brennan

Patrick Short

Patricia Dwyer, Chairperson of the Hall of Fame

Helen Gannon, Comhaltas

Anne Gervin, Music Scholarship Chairperson

John Glynn

Jeri Hagan

Gráinne Ní Chonchubhair , An Coimisiun

Tim O'Hare, IDTANA

Joan Preece

Pat Watkins, NAFC Championships

2016 Regional Representatives

Mid-Atlantic Region              Bernadette Broderick    Email


New England Region            Michael Fitzpatrick    Email


Mid-America Region            Sandi Asazawa   Email


Eastern Canada                   Mary Bryan  Email


Southern Region                  Nancy Logue   Email


Western US                          Geraldine Murray   Email


Western Canada                  Deidre Penk-O'Donnell  Email

IDTANA Syllabus Liaisons:
Eastern Canada
MidAmerica Heather McClanahan Ackerman
MidAtlantic Karen Petri
New England Jack McArdle
Southern US Maureen Armstrong
Western Canada Deirdre Penk O'Donnell
Western US Pat Hall