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Due to syntax errors, the 2008 schedule is undergoing review/changes...we ask for your patience as we work to ensure the information available to you is correct.

Cancelled: 2008 Nashville Feis

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Your Musician List
First Name   Last Name   Country   Region   Status   Edit  
Luka   Giorgi   USA   Mid America   Active   Edit  
Brian   Glynn   USA   Mid America   Active   Edit  
Dr. Brian   Grant   Canada   Mid America   Active   Edit  
Tom   Grimes   USA   Mid America   Active   Edit  
Katie   McIlwee   USA     Pending   Edit  
Nathan   Jones   USA     Pending   Edit  
Felix   Dolan   USA     Pending   Edit  
Dominic   Kilroy   USA     Pending   Edit  
Katie   Kilroy   USA     Pending   Edit  
Marty   Kilroy   USA     Pending   Edit  
Pat   King   Canada     Pending   Edit  
Sara   Lally   USA     Pending   Edit  
Kathleen   Lavin   USA     Pending   Edit  
Tom   Hastings   USA     Pending   Edit  
Michael   Woodgate   Canada     Pending   Edit  
Karen   Conway   USA     Pending   Edit  
Tony   Rutherford   USA     Pending   Edit  
Mike   Shaffer   USA     Pending   Edit  
Theresa   Shafer - Wilkinson   USA     Pending   Edit  
James   Thornton   USA     Pending   Edit  

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