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Register New Feis

Steps to Register a Feis
4 Dancing rules and age groups
   1. In the case of all solo and team competitions in all grades, the age of a competitor on 1st January of the year in which the competition is held will determine the right of entry. For the purposes of this Rule a competitor whose birthday occurs on 1st January shall be deemed to be under the age attained on that date.

2. Competitions are open to all but those holding a TMRF, TCRG, or ADCRG designation. All dancers must be pupils of a person currently registered with An Coimisiun as a Dancing Teacher of any category.

3. A competitor may be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

          a) Conduct unbecoming a lady or gentleman.

          b) Failure to report on time to compete. (Penalty: disqualification from said event)

          c) Falsification of age or other important facts – i.e., teaching, award winning, competing under another competitor’s name or number, etc.

Penalty for a) or c): Competitor will be disqualified from the Feis at which the occurrence happened and from all NAFC – registered Feiseanna for a period of one year beginning at the date of the occurrence.

4. Competitions may be closed if there are no competitors at the assigned stage ready to compete when the competition is scheduled or announced. May not pertain to a situation where competitors are involved in stage conflicts.
5. Solo competitors in First Feis (if offered), Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice or Open (Prizewinner) competitions:

          a) Must compete in their own age group.

          b) Must be prepared to perform two steps in each event.

          c) Cannot change competition on the day of the Feis.


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