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Copyright © 2002, 2003. 2004 ,2005 & 2006 NAFC
Rules Governing the N.A.F.C. Irish Dancing Championships

(Adopted 10/97, amended 10/99)

1. The Championships shall be known as:
    a.) The North American Feis Commission Senior Irish Dancing Championship for the Gerry Campbell Perpetual Belt.
    b.) The North American Feis Commission Junior Irish Dancing Championship forthe Robert Gabor Perpetual trophy.
    c.) The North American Feis Commission Minor Irish Dancing Championship for the George Sweetnam Perpetual trophy.


2. Perpetual Awards are the sole property of the NAFC. The winner must transfer the Belt/Trophy to the next years Feis committee, one month prior to the date of said Feis. Replacement Award will be given by the next years Feis Chair or a representative from the NAFC Board of Directors. These awards will be purchased by the NAFC.

3. Drawing by Ballot to determine the member who will sponsor a NAFC Championship will be held at the NAFC Convention each year.

4. To be eligible to draw for a championship, a member must be active and in good standing for five years, must have sponsored two Feiseanna during that time, MUST provide a venue with suitable facilities to run the Championship rain or shine, and be present at the convention.

5. All eligible member names will be put in a hat and drawn as follows:
    First name drawn will be for the Senior Championship;
    Second name drawn will be for the alternate;
    Same procedure for the Junior Championship;
    Same procedure for the Minor Championship.

A member who has drawn for a Championship will not be eligible to draw for said Championship again, until such time as all other eligible members have drawn said Championship. A member who has drawn one Championship cannot draw for a second Championship in the same year.

6. A feis committee hosting a NAFC Championship cannot have any other "Dance Off" in the same age group.

7) Five adjudicators who did not adjudicate the qualifying round on "The Day of" are required for the NAFC Championships. The host Feiseanna should try to select a fair representation of adjudicators from across the Regions or another Country.

8. it is the recommendation of the Board of Directors that the NAFC Championships be held in the middle of the day. the qualifying rounds to be held at the beginning of the day. this will place the NAFC Championships at the time that is most PROMINENT, rather than at the end of the day, when only the people left are those competing.

        SENIOR BELT              17 AND OVER
        JUNIOR TROPHY        13 TO UNDER 17
        MINOR TROPHY         UNDER 13

10. Competitor's age will be calculated as of Jan. 1.

11. Competitors who qualify for each Championship category must have placed FIRST in that category in any NAFC sanctioned Feiseanna, within one year prior to the date the Championship is held, (This includes the "Day Of") or from the previous time the Belt/Trophy was held in that category.

12. Competitors must pay the "Championship Fee" if not entered in the Host "Day of the Feis Qualifying Rounds."

13. Competitors must dance a total of 3 dances: a choice of soft shoe, a choice of hard shoe, and a contrasting set to the hard shoe chosen.

14. Both males and females compete together in the NAFC Championship.

15. There will be no second or third place awards in a NAFC Championship.

16. Any interference by teachers or the audience on behalf of a competitor or competitors will mean immediate disqualification of the competitor or competitors.

17. Competitors must report to the assigned stage, ready to compete when a Championship is announced. Under no circumstances will the Championship be delayed because a competitor in not present or refuses to dance when a stage manager calls his or her number. Any infraction of this rule will mean immediate disqualification of the competitor.

18. The host Feiseanna must print in their Syllabus the name of the Championship, the qualifying age group for the said Championship and Rules 10-17.

19. The Feis Chair is responsible for taking a picture of the winner with the Belt/Trophy and forwarding this, along with a list of the adjudicators to the NAFC secretary, within 15 days of the Championship.