Syllabus Requirements
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October 2008
Requirement for a Feis Syllabus

The syllabus of the Region of the Hosting Feis is the governing tool. In a conflict between Regional Syllabi rules and NAFC Handbook rules, the rules in the regional syllabi will take precedent. Otherwise the dancing competition rules as defined by the IDTANA and the NAFC will apply. A conforming syllabus must include the following:

1. All Dancing Competition Rules as set forth by the IDTANA in the Region of the hosting Feis. The rules:
     a. Must be listed in the same numerical order as Standard Regional Syllabus
     b. Must use the same language as the Standard Regional Syllabus
     c. May include local rules which can be numbered after the Regional rules.

2. Clearly listed on the front of the syllabus:
     a. The name of the actual Feis
     b. The caption: “Member of the North American Feis Commission”
     c. The name of the current President of the North American Feis Commission
     d. The caption: “Member of An Coimisiun, Dublin, Ireland”

3. The hosting Feis name, date and location of the NAFC Championship competitions as illustrated below:
? North American Feis Commission - Dancing Awards Venue
? “The North American Minor Dance Championship” for the N.A.F.C. George Sweetnam Memorial Trophy. (and the Host Feis name, date and location)
? “The North American Junior Dance Championship” for the N.A.F.C. Robert Gabor Perpetual Trophy. (and the Host Feis name, date and location)
? “The North American Senior Irish Dance Championship” for the N.A.F.C Gerry Campbell Perpetual Belt. (and the Host Feis name, date and location)
If your Feis is to be held in the months of January and February you may list the previous year’s competitions.

4. At least one non-dancing competition such as music, Irish recitation or another facet of Irish Heritage.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each Feis is required to list their adjudicators on their syllabus and/or website at least three weeks before the close on entries. One third of the adjudicators are to be from outside the region where the Feis is being held.  (This is an An Coimisiun Rule)