Stage Sizes



To provide consistent dance stages among the various Feiseanna, the following specifications must be used:


I. Stage Material


Unless the dance floor stages used are a permanent part of the venue where the dance competitions are performed, the dance stages may be plywood or other similar material.


Composition/particle board does not stand up under hard shoe dancing and, if damaged, cannot be repaired.  Therefore, it is not recommended as a dancing surface.


All outdoor stages should be covered to protect the surface from rain exposure.


No substance that can become airborne can be used on a stage/dance floor in an attempt to improve traction.


For the safety of dancers, we no longer allow Feiseanna to place dance floors or other rolled out types of flooring materials directly on cement or concrete floors for all grades and championships at all Feiseanna.


II. Stage Sizes


A. Championship Stages


Stages should be at least 20’ deep x 24’ wide for championship dancing.


B. Solo and Figure Dancing Stages


Stages should be at least 16’ deep x 20’ wide for solo and figure dancing.


C. Choreography Stages


Stages shall be at least 20’ deep x 24’ wide for choreography dancing.


D. Permanent Venue Stages


Permanent venue stages shall meet the above minimum sizes. Larger sizes may be divided into multiple dance areas meeting the above specified size requirements.


E. Dancing Three (3) Competitors At a Time


Dancing three (3) competitors in championship at a time is limited to those under the age of 14.  The stage must be at least 32’wide x 24’ deep.(Updated 1/29/12)


             F.  Dancing three (3) at a time in Non-Championship.


          In order to dance three at a time in non-championship competitions, the minimum stage size must be 24 feet wide by 20 feet deep for each age group as prescribed by An Coimisiun.  The adjudicator has the authority to dance two or three at a time, unless otherwise specified in the syllabus.