NAFC Championships for 2012

Gerry Campbell Perpetual Senior Belt
Bob Gabor Feis, Syracuse, NY
April 28, 2012

Robert Gabor Junior Trophy
Delaware Feis
August 12, 2012

George Sweetnam Minor Trophy
Celtic Fling Feis, Harrisburg, PA
June 23, 2012

2011 Championships

The Gerry Campbell Perpetual Senior Belt

 Celtic Fling Feis in Harrisburg, PA on June 25, 2011

Winner:  Jonathan Scour from the Broesler School

The Robert Gabor Perpetual Junior Trophy

 Montreal Feis in Quebec, Canada on May 21, 2011

Winner:  Sarah Oldham from the Peter Smith School

The George Sweetnam Perpetual Minor Trophy

Feis at the Falls in Niagara, NY on August 13, 2011

Winner:  Melanie Valdez from the Petri School


As a reminder all Feiseanna must list their adjudicators on their website or syllabus at least 3 weeks prior to the closing date of entries.  One third of your adjudicators must be from outside your region.