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The Irish Cultural Hall of Fame was enthusiastically approved by the North American Feis Commission in 1978 to memorialize those who have given unselfishly of themselves to promote Irish culture through their leadership and participation.

The public is invited to propose candidates for the Hall of Fame. A Screening Committee of seven persons appointed by NAFC evaluates all candidates proposed for the Hall of Fame and presents the names and qualifications of those they consider worthy to the full NAFC membership for their vote.


A candidate must have been actively involved in the field of the "Irish Arts" as a performer, teacher or voluntary worker and must have devoted at least ten years laboring for the preservation and promotion of Irish culture. The ability, integrity, character and personality of the candidates should be outstanding, such as to bring credit, honor, fame and prestige not only to themselves but also to the Irish race and to the community. Their activities and example should have inspired young people to take an interest in and participate in Irish cultural programs and endeavors.


  1. A cover letter from the proposer of a candidate outlining their association with the candidate.
  2. An autobiography of the candidate describing his or her qualifications. It should also include the candidate’s date and place of birth, address, occupation, name of spouse, children and parents and any other personal history which would give the Committee a complete insight of the candidate’s eligibility.
  3. Four letters of recommendation from organizations or persons (non relatives) who are, or were, knowledgeable of the candidate’s involvement in Irish culture. The Committee will accept only one letter from an officer or member of the same organization.
  4. Letters from organizations should be written on official letterhead (when available) and signed by an officer. Personal letters should state the writer’s association with Irish culture and the name of any Irish organization of which they are an officer or member.

The proposer of a candidate must submit to the Chairman all required documentation before the candidate will be considered by the Screening Committee.

Patricia Dwyer, Chairman
17 Lillburn Drive
Stony Point, NY 10980-2629
(914) 942-1874


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