Feis Handbook
The Feis Handbook is available electronically for members of the NAFC, please your request for an copy.  Please include your name, valid email address and Feis affiliation.

Guidelines for Date Changes or Dates for New Feiseanna

The majority of these guidelines are not actually new, they have
been in place for 
several years but have never been put in the Handbook.

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1  1.  Unless an exception is granted, rules from the Tri-Partite agreement must be followed, i.e:

a.       No Feiseanna may be held within 200 miles or less, mileage used is from venue to venue.

b.      No more than 6 Feiseanna per day, no more than 10 per weekend.


      2.   Effective for 2016 Feiseanna, an organization applying for a new Feis must attend 1 (one) NAFC convention before being approved to run a Feis.  The organization will be given 4 dates one in each quarter of the year in which to choose from.

 3.  To request an exception, the following steps must be followed.

a.       The requesting Feis must send an email or letter to the registrar explaining why they feel an exception should be granted.

b.      The registrar will compile a list of Feiseanna held on the weekend in question and include in that list the Regions in which those Feiseanna are held.

c.       The request for exception, along with the registrar’s list will be sent to-the Regional IDTANA Directors, the NAFC Regional Representatives, and the syllabus liaisons of the regions involved,  the President of the IDTANA, the President of the NAFC and the Chairperson of the NAFC.  If no response is received within 14 days from the date of the email, it will be assumed that they approve of the date. They will respond with either a denial or approval of the date. A simple majority will determine the result.  If a tie occurs, the President of the IDTANA will cast the tie breaking vote.    The requesting Feis will then be notified by the registrar of the denial or approval. 


4   4.  The registrar has the right to deny a date change or new Feis date if he/she receives information (including the number of dancers they would lose) from an existing Feis or Feiseanna that shows that this change could cause a significant financial loss to their Feis.   The requesting new Feis/date change Feis has a right to appeal this decision by following the same steps for the exception outlined above. 


5.   5.  All approvals are temporary for the 1st year; existing Feiseanna will have 30 days from the date of their Feis to submit proof that their Feis was financially impacted from the new Feis or the date change of a Feis.  If no submissions are received by the 30 day period, the new Feis or date change will be granted a permanent date, if so requested.


6.   6.  All decisions may be appealed by requesting that the Arbitration Board be convened.