Crescent City Feis

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Statement as of January 29, 2006

Total Income $23, 375.83
Expenses $4,482.87
Paid to Red Cross $1,020.00
Funds to be Distributed $17,872.96


Feisanna, Organizations or Schools That Have Donated

As of January 29, 2006

Four Provinces Feis
Sunshine State Feis
Historic Savannah Feis
Badger State Feis
Louisville Feis
Cleveland Feis
Detroit Int. Feis
Windsor Feis Association
Hagen Parents Corp
Lynn Academy of Irish Dance PTA
Mattierin School of Irish Dance
Feis Culkin Day of Feis Bucket Collection
Forest City Feis
Kansas City Feis
Rosevear Family
St Louis Irish Arts Feis
Feis ATL
Broesler School of Irish Dance
St Louis An Samhra Feis
Peter Smith School
Memphis Feis
Dennehy Parents Club
Milwaukee Feis Society
Mary Clarkson School of Irish Dance
The Syracuse Feis
The Minnesota Feis
Culkin Adult Irish Dancers
Feis na Tara
O'Sullivan School
Iowa State Feis
Feis New Orleans
Rhythm of Ireland
Heather Mader
Hartford Feis
Irish Arts of Middle TN
Little Rock Feis
Irish American Assoc of Northwest Jersey
Rince na h'Eireann
Glas Tara Feis
Buffalo Feis
The Emerald City Feis
Nations Capital Feis


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