Feis Registration


Registration will be due for the following year no later than
two months after the date of the current year Feis.

We hope this makes the registration process easier since we received
many comments that most Feiseanna don't discuss or have the finances for the following year's Feis until the current year's Feis wrap up meeting.

EXAMPLE: Feis reserved date is in July 2016, therefore the 2017
registration for the July 2017 Feis is due by September 30, 2016.

Date change requests are on a first come, first serve basis, subject to approval and full registration and payment. Date availability is limited to the following rules from the tripartite agreement between CLRG, IDTANA and NAFC - Feiseanna cannot be within 200 miles of each other, max of 6 Feiseanna on 1 day or 10 Feiseanna on a weekend in all of North America. Requests can also be denied if there is support of a potential detrimental impact on an existing Feis.

Exceptions to these date availability rules may be possible by sending an
explanation of why the date change should be granted to the
registrar, who will send it out for a majority vote.


2019 Registration/Date Change
2017 Feis Report (required for 2019 Registration)

*Please fill out the forms using EXCEL and do not print and handwrite - there are cells that automatically populate with database information. If you are having trouble with the form, email me your Feis name, Feis type, change type if applicable and request a prepopulated form. I will email you an excel file that can be completed or pdf that can be printed and handwritten.

Registration Fees:

Schedules will be updated by the 15-20th of the following month after receipt for those registrations that have submitted a complete registration form and payment. Information Updates, Date Change Requests, New Feis Applications, and Incomplete Registrations will be processed as time permits.

Reserved Dates:
Must indicate weekend days (Fri,Sat,Sun) and cannot request a adjoined days, holidays or "last" weekend as these could change each year.
INCORRECT: 4th Weekend of June, Labor Day Sat in Sept, Last Sat in March, 1st Saturday adjoined to 1st Sunday of May
CORRECT: 1st Sat of July, 4th Sat-Sun of May, etc.
Click HERE to email the NAFC Registrar:
Please always put your Feis Name as the Subject of each email